Bertoldstrasse 65
D-79098 Freiburg
fon: + 49 (761) 20 85 20
fax: + 49 (761) 20 85 210
e: info@iic-ag.com

IIC AG, The Welding Wire Company

IIC AG founded and based in Germany in year 1995 is specialized in Solid welding wire, Submerged arc welding, Atmospheric Corrosion Resisting Welding wire, Aluminum Welding Wire and Flux-Cored Welding Wire. Thanks to the professional international team, solid distribution channel and long - term cooperation customers, our market share in overseas realizes a tremendous growth, now we already became a main player in Europe, East and South East Asia.

Based in Freiburg (Germany) with offices in Beijing (China) and Manchester (UK), IIC AG are the key distributors for several major chinese Aluminum processing factories.

Focussing primarily on Welding Wire trade, over the last 3 recent years we have earned a significant marketshare particularly in Germany where in 2010 we shipped thousand of tons of products to our customers.

As a business we are exceptionally stable with D&B Finance Rating of 1 A1 (with less than 1% risk of failure).