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IIC Ag Welding Tables

Welding Tables

WDBWJ series positioners is a kind of small and medium-sized rim automatic equipment, which is the latest designed. They can be connected to all kind of power sources, such as MIG/MAG/CO and TIG ones, making an automatic welding system for specialization in rim welding.

This system is suitable for the occasions of welding the spare parts of automobile, motorcycle or hardware as well the situation of a great deal of rim welding accessories, in addition, it can be used for other fixtures.

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Main Characteristics :

  1. Principal axis can turn 90° so as to adapt itself to welding of all kind of angles.
  2. Use DC electric motor to drive directly, with reliable capacity, wide range of adjusting speed and exactly confirm the welding place.
  3. It has pulse calculation function, which can exactly confirm the welding place.
  4. It has one-bottom operation function, after finishing the adjustment, what need to do is just to press the start bottom to conduct the program full-automatically.
  5. Equipped with emergency stop switch, it can be conducted when emergency happens during the welding.
  6. Adopting output signal control system, which makes it possible to connect every kind of welding power source.